Where Do Crocodiles Live?

baby crocodile on human hand

Crocodiles belong to the family Crocodylidae. There are around 23 species of crocodiles throughout the world. The word crocodile has its origin from Greek word for lizard.

What Animals Live In The Rain forest?

brown bear on brown wood

As you have landed up on this article, you would be curious to know – What animals live in the rain forest? Rain forests are of 2 types – Tropical rain forest and Temperate rain forest.

What Does Testosterone Do For Men?

man white and orange striped crew neck shirt looking serious

Whenever we hear the word testosterone, we relate it to male characteristics. Most of us know that testosterone is a male sex hormone, but what does testosterone do for men?

Why Are Polar Bears Endangered?

According to the definition, endangered species are those living creatures which are seriously at the risk of extinction. Polar bears are one such species that have been declared to be threatened

How Many Teeth Do Sharks Have?

grey shark swimming in blue waters

Sharks are fierce and have dreadful teeth. When you are in on an adventurous trip, you are always careful whether a shark is seen around. What makes shark so ferocious is its teeth.